Membership Engagement Software

Online Membership Engagement, Recurring Payments, Event Registration, Courses, and more... No PhD Required

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Save Time

Set recurring dues payment on autopilot so you don’t have to worry about invoicing and collecting dues payments.


Boost Engagement

Private social network and interactive member directory keeps members engaged even when you’re apart.


Save Money

Automated workflows and follow-up prompts make sure members never lapse by accident.

Powerful Integrations to Fuel Your Membership

Easy Member Registration

Tired of entering paper-based registration forms? Or maybe your prospective members are frustrated with your difficult or clunky online registration form. MemberMan's registration forms make registration a breeze - for you and for your members.

  • Simple registration form setup.
  • Customizable form fields allow you to collect information specific to your organization.
  • Collect membershp payment up-front, offer free trials, or flag new registrations for review and approval.

Recurring Billing

With built-in support for credit card payments, you can start charging your customers for your membership site in just minutes. Configure monthly or yearly recurring payments, installment plans, or one-time payments.

  • Unlimited membership plans.
  • Automatically process dues via credit card, or enter payments manually through the easy admin interface.
  • Set up automated recurring billing on any recurring basis.

Group Discussion Forums

Discussion forums bring the people in each group together. Each group has its own discussion forum where members can send messages, reply with comments, upload files, and access members-only content.

  • Zero setup: each group automatically gets its own discussion forum.
  • Moderation tools to keep you in control.
  • Discussion forum integrated into each group.
  • Share text content, images, videos, files, and more.

Badges & Gamification

It's true: earning badges is fun. But badges are also a powerful way to create member engagement. Automatically reward members for participating in your organization, for completing courses, and even for attending events. You can even tie badges to your official credentials or certifications.

  • Recognize members' achievements by awarding badges for accomplishing goals.
  • Badges are automatically awarded based on criteria that you set up.

Courses & Learning Management

Level-up your members' skills and knowledge by offering courses right from within your membership portal. Our integrated Courses feature lets you embed text, images, and video into your lessons. Track your members success as they progress through your course.

  • Integrated learning management system.
  • Create lessons containing video, graphic, and text content.
  • Track members' progress through lessons.
  • Award badges on course completion.

Easy, Integrated Member Portal

Members can login anytime to see and manage their subscription, update their credit card, and view their payment history. And of course, to interact in discussion forums, download members-only content, review courses, and register for events.

  • Login using social media credentials, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google.
  • Members can add their personal information, pay dues, update payment information, and interact with other members online.


Organize events, sell tickets, and track attendance. You can even offer discounted pricing for members.

  • Sell tickets to your events.
  • Award badges for event attendance.

Members-Only Content

You want to protect your valuable members-only content, but you don't want to make it hard for members to find or access. MemberMan makes it easy to share files with members.

  • Upload PDFs, images, documents, and more.
  • Only registered members can download members-only content files.

Start Creating Member Engagement Today With MemberMan