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Our Mission

Our mission is to help your members to be successful using your organization.

Easy Does It

We've designed MemberMan to be easy, not just for you, but also for your members. Members love interacting with MemberMan because we've worked hard to take the work out and replace it with fun. All the things that your members need to do — paying dues, posting messages in the forum, updating their membership information, downloading materials, and more, can be accomplished with just a few clicks.

Everybody claims their software is easy to use. We'll let you decide for yourself. Take MemberMan for a test drive, our treat. If you aren't impressed (we think you will be) you can cancel at any time, and there's no obligation.

Just What You Need

It's tempting to throw every feature (including the kitchen sink) into a software product. We’ve discovered that if you try to do everything, you’ll end up doing nothing well. That’s why MemberMan focuses on just those features that you need most. How do we decide? Every feature goes through a rigorous test: will this feature help your members be successful at using your organization? If the answer is a clear “yes!” then we’ll build that feature. If we can’t say “yes” with an exclamation point, then we’ll put that feature on the list - maybe we’ll be able to add it someday. Otherwise we won’t do it. We think it’s better to run a smaller, tighter ship, than one that’s bloated with features and hard to use and maintain.

Who We Are

MemberMan LLC is a privately owned software company located in Austin, Texas. We were founded in 2016 by Ryan and Bethany Heneise.

Prior to founding MemberMan, Ryan founded and managed DonorTools, a donor tracking app for nonprofits.

MemberMan arose out of our own frustration in interacting with our favorite organizations. We hated that every organization required us to be proactive to maintain our membership, and few offered many opportunities for interaction and engagement with other members. The seed of the idea for MemberMan was planted after we looked for software to help our favorite organizations. We love helping organizations, and we love solving problems with software.

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