Here's How MemberMan Works

MemberMan lets you organize your membership directory into groups. Create as many groups as you need, and fill each group with members. Groups are a place where your members can come together online to interact with you, engage with other members, and, access members-only content.

You can optionally require payment for access to your groups. Or require payment for access to one group but not to another. Your payment plans are extremely flexible, and can easily be attached to a group. As long as members are in a group and have paid their dues, they'll be able to access the group's discussion forum and members-only content.

Member Discussion Forum

It's the people that make a group special. With a group on MemberMan you can set up a discussion forum with just a few clicks. Each group has its own discussion forum where members can send messages, reply with comments, upload files, and access members-only content.

Members-Only Content

You've worked hard to create great content for your members. Don't make the mistake of failing to protect it. Or worse, making it so hard for your members to access that they aren't able to find it.

Upload PDF files, images, and more into a group. Only members in good standing of your group can access the content.

What kind of content can you upload?

  • Photos & images
  • PDF files
  • Word & Excel documents
  • Zip files
  • Embed images and videos into your messages.


Your organization provides valuable content to your members, but every member’s needs are unique. Personalize the content that each member has access to using tiered membership plans and group access.

  • Create as many groups as you need.
  • Put your group's content right at your members’ fingertips.
  • Only group members can access that group's content.
  • Control access to groups by requiring up-to-date subscription plan.

Members-Only Content

Provide your awesome content to your wonderful members, and keep it safe and exclusive to them.

Upload your files, images, videos, documents, and other content to MemberMan for your members to access. Deliver specific content to certain members based on what groups they are in. Allow members to download content at any time, at their convenience.

  • Members can login to their group page to view and download.
  • Upload PDF, Word, and other document formats.
  • Embed images, videos, and media in discussions and comments.

Easy Recurring Payments

With built-in support for Stripe, you can start charging your customers for your membership site in just minutes. Configure monthly or yearly recurring payments, installment plans, or one-time payments.

  • Ease the process of collecting renewal payments, and never allow members to lapse by accident.
  • Set up any number of payment plans with recurring billing, installment plans, or one-time payments.
  • MemberMan handles the billing, invoicing, and emailing. All you have to do is turn it on.

Built-in Discussion Forum

Member relationships are what make your association truly unique. Live, in-person discussions are usually the best way to build relationships and share information, but it’s important to maintain relationships even when you can’t be together in the same place.

  • Members can start fresh discussions about any topic, and comment on ongoing discussions.
  • Powerful search helps to surface content and archived discussions.
  • Messages and comments can be moderated by association administrators to help guide discussions and ensure timely, productive interaction.

Member Portal

Members can login anytime to see and manage their subscription, update their credit card, and view their payment history.

  • View all of their invoices
  • Update payment information
  • Easily communicate with their groups
  • Access your members-only content

Realtime Reports

See both the forest and the trees with built-in reporting. Easily generate reports on cash flow, collection attempts, top members, lapsed members, expiring members, and more.

  • Instantly view real-time activity, invoices, payment status, and membership renewals.
  • Export reports at any time.

Start Creating Member Engagement Today With MemberMan